Arts & Culture

Del Mar is a destination rich in culture and community pride for its art galleries, artisanal markets, concerts, and community events.

The Del Mar Art Center’s goal is to increase public exposure to quality art, foster an appreciation of the arts, present art events and demonstrations as well as to provide a space for local artists to exhibit their work. Since it’s opening in July of 2000, it has continued to realize these goals through a myriad of activities such as art exhibits, art demonstrations, and art receptions, just to name a few. The DMAC Gallery is a non-profit organization and its artists are committed to contributing to charitable organizations and to helping the community. DMAC continues to promote art appreciation and foster an environment where art and the art community can flourish. The Gallery is located on the plaza level of the Del Mar Plaza.

Address: 1555 Camino Del Mar Suite 314 Del Mar, CA 92014