St. Peter’s Church

Built circa 1940

StPetersChurch4St. Peter’s is the sole survivor of the three churches that once called Del Mar home. The building of an Episcopal church started in 1931 when Father Gerald C. Gardner was sent by Bishop Stevens to establish the first official Episcopal Mission Church in Del Mar. Ten years later, the acclaimed Los Angeles architect, Carlton M. Winslow, was hired to design St. Peter’s at the top of 14th Street. A local builder named Tom Douglas carried out the construction of this all-wood church. The first service at the quaint village church was held on October 12, 1941. St. Peter’s has provided the people of Del Mar with a central meeting place since it was established. The Parish Hall has been used for concerts, music lessons, and town hall meetings because there was not a town hall. During that time, the church was integral to the community of Del Mar. Today the Church is still a part of the Del Mar community and works with DMVA on community events and programs.


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